The persistence in the development of ideas and the strong belief in success, are among the qualities of the founders of DINEVI GROUP. These leading principles may be found also in the philosophy of the company, that lead it to the future and progress.



Integrity and transparency in the customer relations are the other values grounded in the basis of this philosophy. In the conditions of a dynamic business environment, the company strives to offer original and modern solutions, oriented towards the specific needs of the customers.

That’s why, being 30 years on the market, it succeeded to create long-term collaborations based on mutual trust and honesty in business.


The creation of the DINEVI GROUP’S successful team is based on the belief in humanity and kindness, in the power to hold your own and your principles in complicated situations, in the willingness to compromise and to look deep into the human soul.

We invest in people, because we believe they are our biggest asset. We motivate them to be more and more successful, to seek new opportunities and to develop their potential. We combine people’s energy into a common direction, transforming the individual differences into productive solutions.


The DINEVI GROUP’S team is not just an aggregation of persons, but persons united in themselves a wide range of competences, knowledge, creativity and resourcefulness. People led by a common goal and dedicated to the responsibility to achieve results.

Sveti Vlas Bulgaria

Yacht rentals and sales

In 2005 the “Marina Dinevi” project – Sveti Vlas won one of the most prestigious awards for investment projects – the Bentley Award, for best marina project.

Dinevi Resort Sveti Vlas Sever

Dinevi Group

By its projects and activity, Dinevi Group contributed not only to the development of tourism in Bulgaria, but also to the positive change in the appearance of the Bulgarian resorts.

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