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The terrain is part of the Kasada woodland near the town of Sveti Vlas, Nessebar municipality, with a panoramic sea view and a pronounced slope southwards. This enables a picturesque spatial arrangement with diverse views of the forest and the sea from each residential building.

Architectural style and appearance

The style of the buildings is inspired by the architecture of the Bulgarian Renaissance, with typical construction materials and appearance like jetties and exposed eaves of the roof.

The first floor of the houses is covered with stone cladding. The second floor is finished with white mineral plaster and wood siding. The corners, walls and window frames are characteristically edged with wooden props and timber. The roof is sloped, with а wooden frame and ornamental elements.

All materials used are environmentally friendly with high class ecological certification, and the appearance of the complex is in harmony with the surrounding woodland.
Eco Village Sveti Vlas
Venid Eco Village Architecture Woodwork
Venid Eco Village Architecture Arc

Unique atmosphere in preserved nature

The complex will consist of:

  • Detached, semi-detached and terraced houses;
  • Aparthotel and chapel, which do not obstruct the sea view from the ​​houses.
  • Two tennis courts and a swimming pool.

This will be achieved through the use of a meander-like spatial planning for maximum preservation of the environment.

This concept contributes to the romantic atmosphere of the entire complex, and its network of lantern-lit alleys decorated with stone ensures panoramic views of both the sea and the forest from all levels of each house.

Stages of construction

Residential complex VENID ECO VILLAGE will be developed in three stages, which include the construction of houses, an aparthotel, a community centre with lots of greenery and inner alleys.

The project includes many common areas to facilitate the operation of the complex and promote social life.

Venid Eco Village Site Plan
Stage I

Eastern residential group

Consists of 36 houses
(30 detached and 6 semi-detached).
Inner alley network.
Sidewalks, alleys, parking lots with hard flooring.

Stage II

Western residential group

Consists of 29 houses
(21 detached and 8 semi-detached).
Inner alley network.
Sidewalks, alleys, parking lots with hard flooring.
Public square.

Stage III


Two aparthotel buildings each with a capacity for 199 residents or guests.
Inner alley network.
Sidewalks, alleys, parking lots with hard flooring.

Stage IV

Southern residential group

Consists of 44 terraced houses and a three-wing block.
Inner alley network.

Venid Eco Village Area
Venid Eco Village Marina Dinevi

Development parameters

50 533 m2

Аrea of the land plot

11 400 m2

Total built-up area

8 537 m2

Total inner alley network

4 852 m2

Sidewalks, alleys, parking lots, public square

25 267 m2

Green areas and yards


Minimum green area
Venid Eco Village Interior Scheme Bedrooms
Venid Eco Village Interior Scheme Livingroom

Examples of living space planning - interior

The houses are offered finished – turnkey condition, unfurnished.

Venid Eco Village Livingroom
Venid Eco Village Kitchen 2
Venid Eco Village Bathroom
Venid Eco Village Kitchen 1
Venid Eco Village Bedroom

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