Living on the sea coast, meters away from one of the best beaches on our Black Sea coast … a dream. To blend with the heart of the cosiest mountain – Rodopa … wealth. To be a part of the real high life in the capital – Prestige.

Sveti Vlas

The perfect location, the combination of sea and mountain, which determines the favourable climate, the splendid beach strip, fully oriented to the South and representing a natural riviera. These are only a small portion of the reasons why DINEVI RESORT is present on Bulgaria’s tourist map and is a preferred place for family holidays of tourists from around the world.

The investment in Dinevi Resort in Sveti Vlas is the card with which you enter the Winners’ Club. You secure for yourself sunny weather, a cosy home on the beach, high-speed emotions, life charged with style and adventures.

Sveti Vlas Dinevi Resort
Pamporovo Resort


The sunniest winter resort in Bulgaria, which is characterized by mild winters, with more than one hundred sunny days. One of the most famous and popular resorts in Southeast Europe for winter sports and recreation and the southernmost ski resort in Europe. Excellent ski and snowboard conditions, over 65 km of first class slopes with various levels of difficulty and some of the best ski schools in Europe.

Pamporovo is all so special because of the beautiful nature and its summer attractions too. Mountain biking at the highest level is practised in the specialized bike park of the tourist resort and today it is the largest on the Balkans. Over 50 km of trails and routes where annual international competitions are held.


Undoubtedly, the most preferred destination for living for the contemporary urban individual. The unlimited opportunities for work, business, education, social life, culture and entertainment are unprecedented in Bulgaria and currently Sofia is acknowledged to be the fastest developing European city.

Simultaneously ancient and modern, Sofia is a city that offers a lot of everything. The nation’s elite is concentrated here and the rhythm of public life and development is set here.

National Palace Culture Sofia

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