One of the most famous and preferred resorts for winter sports and recreation in South-eastern Europe with excellent conditions for skiing and snowboarding, over 65 km first-class slopes of varying difficulty and some of the best ski schools in Europe

The perfect winter destination

If you have not learned to ski so far, the resort offers a wonderful opportunity to do this. Ski schools in Pamporovo are among the best in Europe. The ski slopes in Pamporovo are of varying degrees of difficulty. Ranging from green – suitable for beginner skiers, to black – a real challenge for professionals.

The landscape of the resort does not allow the formation of avalanches, there are no sharp peaks and the risk of getting lost outside the ski area is minimal. The conditions are very suitable for freestyle skiing. Due to the diversity of the slopes and the suitable forest, skiing off the slopes here combines the pleasure of the free ride with the feeling of safety.

A multitude of exclusive winter attractions are waiting for you, including adapted slopes for night skiing, snowmobiles, Husky sled, etc.


Year-round attractiveness

Pamporovo is also one of the sunniest places in Bulgaria – the weather here is clear for an average of 240 days a year. Besides a winter resort, Pamporovo is a great place for a summer holiday too. During warmer months you will find coolness and calmness here. There are also many opportunities for spending your leisure time in the summer too. Day trips to Shiroka Laka, Stoykite, Gela, Bachkovo and Bachkovo monastery, Asenova fortress, Smilyan, as well as hiking trails to the nearby Chepelare and Chudnite Mostove, Smolyan and Smolyan Lakes and Rozhen Observatory are available. An entire day can be organized for lovers of caves, dedicated to their hobby.

The beautiful cave Uhlovitza is located in the area of Smolyan, and around Devin – near Pamporovo, three more well-known caves are located – Yagodinska, Devil’s Throat and Haramiyska. The only museum on the Balkan Peninsula, dedicated to caving is located in the town of Chepelare. One of the most often visited planetariums is located in the town of Smolyan.

Dinevi Resort Pamporovo

Nested at the foot of the Rhodope Mountains, on the very ski slopes in the locality of Studenets, the amphitheatrical architectural complex of 5 buildings connected to each other by a warm escalator connection turned DINEVI RESORT in an alternative center of Pamporovo and a preferable choice for a second home and holiday destination.

The 5-star supply and service give and additional value to this place. The complex includes lobby bar with free Wi-Fi, restaurant, tavern, piano bar, bowling hall with three lanes, billiards, electronic games corner, children’s playground, safety deposit boxes and fitness. ASIA SPA is part of the Asian massages and therapies chain, which caters for the complete relaxation of the guests after the active skiing day. It features an oxygen bar, a steam bath, a stone and classic sauna, massage rooms, manicure and a hair salon. Here is the second largest swimming pool in Pamporovo. At the guests’ disposal there is a guarded car parking and a ski equipment storage room.

Properties in Pamporovo

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