Ancient and modern at the same time, Sofia is a city that offers a lot of everything. The elite of the nation is concentrated here and the rhythm of public life and development is set here.

Economic and cultural centre

Sofia is one of the ten most attractive cities for entrepreneurship and starting a business in the world according to the independent analysis of Richard Madison of Brighton School of Business and Management, published in the Forbes journal and Seedstars World – a Switzerland-based company, holding competitions for innovative ideas in emerging markets.

The city won because of its Internet coverage, low fees for the registration of companies, low taxes and a well-established ecosystem of funds and entrepreneurs.

Sofia City Center
Sofia Ivan Vazov Theatre

The best city to live in

Sofia is the undisputed leader in the prestigious “Best city to live in Bulgaria”, as it won the Grand Prix in four of the ten years, in which the competition was held: 2009, 2011, 2014 and 2016, including “Business City of the Year” (2008, 2010, 2013, 2016), “Digital City” (2016), “Hi-Tech City” (2014), “The best city for cultural life” (2013), “A town with sustainable infrastructure development” (2012)..

The ranking evaluates cities according to their actual condition according to 30 criteria in the following categories: economic indicators, environmental condition of the city, work/leisure balance, family, urban life, traffic/condition of the road network, connectivity, health, education and culture, crime.

Dinevi Residence

Dinevi Residence, the newest “jewel” of Dinevi, is an exclusive multifunctional residential building in one of the most prestigious districts of Sofia, designed by a French-Bulgarian architectural company with world achievements and architectural designs.

The latest achievements of global technology have been used in the building. Its hyperboloid arch-like shape was achieved by means of a ventilated facade of natural stone and “double-skin” (double glazed) openwork system, contributing to the more efficient thermal and sound insulation. The building is unique both with its unique symbolic appearance and its functionality and representativeness of the indoor spaces.

Properties in Sofia

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