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Visa for Bulgaria property owners

Visa for Bulgaria property owners


1. Filled in Application form for visa.

2. Travel document (passport) valid for a period of not less than three months after the end of the alleged travel (+ copy of the first page).

3. Colour photo 3, 5x 4,5, made on a light background (including a photo of a child, who is registered in the passport).

4. Medical insurance cover which is valid in the countries of Europe throughout the period of stay. The insurance cover must be not less than € 30,000.

5. Air tickets or tickets for train/bus (original or confirmation for reserved tickets in both directions with fixed dates. If you travel by car: a technical passport of the car, an international insurance (Green card), driver’s license).

6. For under 18 years old: – a copy of the birth certificate; For under 18 years old, who travel without their parents or guardians: – a copy of the birth certificate; – a copy of the notarized authorization to travel, signed by both parents / guardians or one of the parents / guardians who did not accompany the minor.

7. A copy of the notary deed;

8. When applying for a multiple entry visa or for three years – the documents, which confirm the payment of the taxes, the Certificate of permission for use (Act 16);

9. You are able to obtain a multiple entry visa valid for 12 months with an act, confirming that the construction of the unit is completed. (Act 15);

10. If you have a preliminary sale – purchase contract, you will be issued a single-entry visa for a period of 90 days. If you travel by car: the technical passport of the car, an international insurance (Green Card), an international driving license.

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