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Why Bulgaria is so attractive for investment in the real estate market!

Why Bulgaria is so attractive for investment in the real estate market!

1. Excellent climate.

Due to its geographical position, Bulgaria offers four distinct seasons.

The summer is warm, not too hot – the Bulgarian Black Sea coast offers wonderful opportunities for rest

during the warm days.

The winter is mild and beautiful – the country offers great alternatives for winter sports and relax in its

ski resorts and beautiful mountains.

In the spring, when we see the beauty of the awakening nature or the autumn, when we are caressed by the soft golden light of the sun and the warmth of the autumn colours of nature, we can enjoy numerous spa resorts in Bulgaria!

2. Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

The Bulgarian Black Sea coast is 380 km long. It is conditionally divided by the mountain Old Mountain (Stara Planina) into two parts – northern and southern (the length of the mountain is 435 miles (700 km) and it crosses the territory of the whole country).

It is important to note that the water is warm – the average temperatures in July are – 22-26 degrees. The average air temperature during this period is 23-25 ​​degrees.

220 km sandy beaches – some of the purest and safest in Europe. Bulgarian Black Sea resorts are attractive with the fine sand beaches, the sunny climate and safe sea, as well as with the affordable and reasonable prices.

3. Mountain Resorts and Balneology.


The six different mountain ranges vary from high snow-capped peaks to rounded green hills and forests, which hide inside the thermal springs and fragrant meadows.

One of the most popular mountain resorts in the country and Europe are Pamporovo and Bansko. The resorts have modern ski facilities, wonderful spa centers and options for entertainment. The very well- known spa resorts are Velingrad, Hisar, Sandanski and others.

4. Rich history.

Bulgaria has a very ancient and rich history. In this small country on the verge of Europe and Asia, almost all great cultures of antiquity have left their marks. Thracians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Ottoman Empire – all they have left behind countless monuments – tombs, forts, temples and mosques.  The numerous ancient cities offer an insight into the rich history of the country, with ancient treasures from the Thracian period, with painted and decorated churches and monasteries and several archaeological excavations, giving the visitor a possibility to feel and see the history. This makes Bulgaria so popular for visitors – its richness and diversity, because whatever the tourists set as a goal of their visit, they will not be disappointed and will enjoy a warm welcome.

5. Bulgarian cuisine.

The Bulgarian cuisine is extremely various and delicious. It consists of a lot of salads, baked goods, stews, and specific dishes that you can taste only in certain regions of the country. Many of the dishes are prepared according to old recipes, which are passed for centuries from generation to generation.

The most typical products for which Bulgaria is internationally known are yogurt and white cheese.

They are always included into the Bulgarian meals and are prepared in various forms and ways.

6. Low tax on real estate

Bulgaria is the country with the lowest tax on real estate in the EU.

The tax may vary from 30 Euro – 100 Euro per year, depending on the size of the property.


7. Profitable investment

Investing in property in Bulgaria is a good option for future capital gains, as well as a good protection against the inflation for investors, who have decided to direct funds in order to purchase and lease of the property for rent.

Considering the stabilization of the economy observed in the recent years, now Bulgaria reveals its full potential.

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